Standard Room

spacious and private (1.24x1.24x1.8m for ONE cat only!)

comfortable bedding

stimulating toys

personalised attention

black hawk/royal canin dry food & tofu litter provided for FREE!

minimum twice-daily cleaning service

basic grooming

FREE 24/7 camera

climate control


Deluxe Suite

EVERYTHING the standard room offers plus more!

designed for a bigger family

additional beds

more scratching post & toys

and of course LARGER space (1.24x1.8x1.8m)

Public Play Area

Our paradise play area is designed to offer your cat an exciting and safe environment where they can play and explore!

Scheduled public area playtimes ensure that every cat gets ample opportunity to enjoy the play area, regardless of their energy levels or play preferences.

Whether they’re climbing to new heights, chasing their favorite toy, or simply lounging in the sun, your cat will love spending time in our play area.

Our caring and attentive staff members will always be there to supervise during playtime.

Private Play Area

We understand that some feline friends may feel overwhelmed in larger, busier spaces, and our goal is to provide a calm and soothing experience.

Therefore we offer a secluded space where nervous cats can have access to a larger playroom and still feel safe and secure, away from the hustle and bustle of the public play areas.

There are plenty of space to hide, retreat and observe others from high grounds.

The Private Play Area is a sanctuary for your nervous cat, offering a peaceful retreat where they can play, relax, and feel at ease. We strive to create a positive and enriching experience that caters to the unique needs of each feline guest.